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Keeping Innovation Coming

Keeping Innovation Coming
  • On August 25, 2014

It’s by now axiomatic among publishers that innovating continuously is key to succeeding in the digital arena.

The e-reading landscape shifts so swiftly and in such diverse ways at once that the process of adapting is never done. Even for publishers with no shortage of new ideas, launching experimental ventures and bringing new ventures to market can be a challenge.

As a result, evolving organizationally is a key prerequisite to evolving strategically. More.

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The End of E-Readers? (Good E Reader)
As smartphones and tablets increase in popularity and sophistication, one industry analyst is ready to declare dedicated e-reading devices dead on arrival.

Upsides to the New Nook (EWeek)
The Samsung-built Nook Galaxy 4 Tab that Barnes & Noble launched last week doesn’t seem especially likely to turn around the bookseller’s sinking e-reading business, but its features and design do hold a certain appeal.

Six Authors Who Prefer Print to Ebooks (HuffPost)
Amazon’s curtailing of orders for certain physical books in the midst of its dispute with Hachette inspires a handful of popular authors to make a renewed case for print.

Rethinking Price Tags (PW)
Some booksellers are pushing for publishers to abandon the practice of printing suggested prices on their titles. The argument for net pricing.

Ten Marketing Tips for Indie Authors (PW)
Some of the tactical advice in this roundup is familiar–like social media and metadata–but getting them right is so critical it that bears occasional repeating.
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Amazon’s French Enemies (Seattle Times)
The first in a three-part series (with interactive videos!) examines the cultural and commercial fault lines in the e-tailer’s clash with booksellers and intellectuals in France, which earlier this summer passed an “anti-Amazon” law.

Google Ads in Amazon’s Crosshairs (Mashable)
The e-tailer prepares to take on Google’s ad network with a placement platform of its own, called Amazon Sponsored Links.

Another Publisher Crowd-sources Content (The Bookseller)
HarperVoyager UK signs fifteen novels after a two-week call for open submissions.

How Education Publishers Can Better Embrace Digital (EdTech Digest)
Seven strategic recommendations geared to educational content developers.

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